Monday, September 24, 2007

You Give White Guys A Bad Name

To continue on a bit with my prior post about my attraction to, particularly, Asians, and interest in learning more about them. I've been doing a lot of reading, especially online--in fact, I should be reading for school right now but have been on Asian message boards, which actually led me to other messages boards that contain the ignorant opinions I'm about to share with you--and if you really need proof of how out of hand racist ideals are in our society, all you need to do is get on the internet and witness the comments people make when they think they're anonymous. Here's some sick reading about white guys and their seemingly growing interest in Asian women. All I can say is if I were an (hetero) Asian woman, I just wouldn't feel that I could trust a white man to be interested in me for me.

"Why Do I See More Caucasian Men Dating Asian Women?"

"Liking Asian Girls"

In the near future (I hope), more coming up on issues beyond racial binaries, including addressing some of the opinions in these threads listed above and some of the ideas we've been discussing in my class about gays of color. This semester is just awful for me (how is it that as a third-year law student, I have more work than I ever did in my first year of law school? For those who don't know, this is supposed to be the year they "bore you to death," not "work you to death"). Meanwhile, my "friend" Nikki, who I find more and more annoying because of her racial naivete, has--and I should be more sensitive about using this word, but I will somewhat jokingly do so anyways--"stalking" me because, apparently, she has nothing to do in school and acts as if I'm not supposed to, either, and should just be taking time out to entertain her (that kind of sh!t irritates me, which is not good sense I have been irritated with her enough as it is). More and more, I rethink my boundaries when it comes to age and just find myself not wanting to have anything to do with most people my age and certainly nothing to do with anyone younger than I am, such as Nikki. I really value the two older friends I have right now.

Back to those discussion threads I listed...I mean, it's not as if we haven't all suspected something like that going through white guys' heads as far as Asian women are concerned...but when you've very nearly offended me and pissed me off with ignorant crap, especially when it doesn't directly apply to me (and because, if you're going to realize anything about me, it's that I don't really get offended about things the average person would, or about much of anything), then you've really done something. But I have felt a similar way in regards to somewhat similar ideas, particularly that of being more submissive and/or "nicer," that black men have had towards white women. I'm kind of offended for these women.