Thursday, October 4, 2007

Another Thread

This thread raises a point that I usually find myself trying to make to people about interracial dating. What I find interesting here is it looks like 1) a white woman is raising this point, and 2) a lot of non-blacks (which, I noticed blacks are most often left out of dating preferences whenever I look at profiles online) agree. It's a great thing to point out because people seem to take any interracial dating today as a sign of progress, that everyone is looking past race in general and that because someone will date one race that differs from their own they are open to all races different from their own. It's incredibly naive.

Anyway, this fits in with the discussion topic I've been having on my blog lately about some men's "preference" for Asian women. Especially note the comments by Asian users, such as "LittleBeachDream" and "SadRider." The discussion makes so many points I countered when I discussed my interest in Asians and Latinos, such as the innate attraction theory (see comments by "taldarhan") and applying general "positive" stereotypes/impressions of a group of people to individuals (see comments by "moxie2185"). I must say, I find "girlwonder67" brilliant. Her responses are pretty much exactly how I would respond.