Thursday, March 1, 2007

Why I'm Not Out

I don’t know about anyone else who is GLBT or any other non-heterosexual letter but is keeping that identity under wraps for the time being, but I sure get tired of being pegged, analyzed and stereotyped. You hear from everyone under the sun about why you’re not out, why you should come out, how ashamed you are of yourself, how confused you are, etc. But, of course, you’re not out, for whatever reason…so you’re not exactly speaking up for yourself publicly. And, of course, the stereotypes are true for many closeted gays. Some are scared, ashamed or confused. But sometimes there’s just more to the story.

So allow me to speak for myself on the subject and, hopefully, shed some light for those—both gay and straight—who can’t for their lives figure out why anyone would remain "in the closet." Every once in a while I will include a self-reflective portion from a piece I have been writing about my decision (at least for right now) to not come out of the closet.