Saturday, June 9, 2007

Isaiah Is Out...

No, dammit...not out of the closet...out of "Grey's Anatomy." I bet white gays are either jumping for joy...or finding yet another thing to complain about in that it "took so long." "Employment issue" my @ss. Employers might not "allow" co-workers to call each other offensive names. Big whoop--it happens anyway. Just ask any woman or black person, especially in most "prestigious" jobs. It certainly happens in law firms, and that white male is still bringing his @ss to work every day getting better work assignments, more mentoring, higher salaries, promotions and just all-around being treated better than those women and blacks in the law firms that they degrade with offensive names. It's like white men get rewarded for being total dicks, but black people have got to get fired for it. But newsflash--that little workplace rule about offensive names, if it even exists, is unconstitutional. Either way, Washington's gone...and for what? It's not like what he said hurt the show's ratings or viewership, nor did it have anything really to do with the way he did his job.

And, no--if this were a white actor who had done something like this to a black castmate, I wouldn't be yelling for him to get fired. First off, that's not my style to go around demanding stuff, especially in situations that don't really involve me personally. Call me "nigger" or "faggot" directly, and it might be a different story. Other than that, with some exceptions, demanding that other people do something just because you're unsatisfied is a white thing, rooted in the sense of white entitlement. Second, it's like I said--I don't feel Isaiah Washington's actions really harmed the show nor affected his ability to do his work well.

So, at the most, he should be condemmed. Castmates who take Knight's side can be pissed at him, give him the cold shoulder--whatever they want to do. The producers of the show should have been sure to reprimand him for causing any tension and verbally/physically attacking co-workers on set. Gay people can stop watching the show and complain about him to the press or anywhere else. Hell, Patrick Dempsey could have pressed assault and battery charges, and he would have been right to do so and Washington might have gotten off the show that way. But I had nothing to say about Imus needing to get fired or not, and the same goes for Washington. I don't really care. I just feel that his work was good, and that's pretty much all that should matter. I do kind of hate to see another black face leave TV, especially a successful TV show. But he's out, so I'm not wasting anymore time on it.