Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Update & Workplace Q

I haven't wanted to admit this in my blog, but since I haven't been writing as often as I should and I owe you--here goes:

What do you think about dating in the workplace? You see, most of the time when people think about dating someone at work, they are thinking about a co-worker. Now, I'm not thinking about dating anyone at work, and I don't really know what I think about the topic in general. I do know that no one should date someone they work for.

It's nothing serious, but I'm kind of developing a crush on one of the women who hired me and for whom I now work. This I didn't see coming. I admit I kind of wondered if I'd meet a co-worker or something like that this summer that would interest me, but I never thought I'd like someone I work for. Another thing that's surprising about it is she is, in my opinion, significantly older than I am. To some people, the age gap that exists between us wouldn't really be a big deal. For me, anyone who is about 4 years older or younger than I am is cutting it close, and anyone beyond that is out of my range. Of course, I'm not strict about this, and I have dated someone who is older than I usually think about allowing.

This woman just doesn't seem that "old," i.e. she doesn't seem or look her age. And it's funny, because one of my last posts was about how impossible it is for a woman to be nice, pretty and intelligent...and, well, she seems to be all three. Then again, I don't know her that well. And then again, I have noted that female lawyers seem to be exceptions to many observations I've had about women throughout my life--they are consistently more preferable and tolerable than the average woman for someone like me. I just like talking to her, and she is my favorite person in the office. She's really easy to talk to. She has a nice smile and a cute laugh, two of my favorite things. I think she's married, though, and I'm pretty sure she's straight...which, I tend not to get serious feelings for straight women, so I'm not worried about that happening here. I would like for us to be friends after the summer is over, though.

Anyway, it is definitely past my bedtime now, but that's my update from the working world!