Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Excuse

I have a new excuse for lapses in timing of posts, and this one is better than the busy-working excuse. I have been having infuriating internet connection issues. At this time, I would like to advise anyone who gets their high-speed net through Comcast or is thinking about it to switch to/choose something else. Apparently, some people in Chicago pay $60 a month to have this junk when you can get DSL for as little as $15 a month. We don't even have to pay that much where I'm originally from for Comcast high-speed, and it seems to work better there than it does in Chicago. I guess many things in the big cities are a huge rip-off other than, say, housing, public transportation and groceries...

I finally just broke down and did the only thing I really could do, seeing as how I am living in someone else's apartment for the summer--I got an internet connection through my cell phone service. Unfortunately, this is little better than dial-up. It takes a minute for every-freaking-thing to load. If it were up to me, DSL or wireless people would have been out here asap. There's nothing worse to me than being without the internet.

Oh, and look--the second I start a post to complain about Comcast, the lights all come on the modem again! Weird things like that happen all the time. For example, within 5 minutes of getting my internet-through-T-mobile service working, the Comcast modem started working again when it hadn't worked at all for over 24 hours. And for over a week the service has been going in and out constantly. If this Comcast account were mine, I'd call and curse those people out. And they're not the slightest bit helpful, either. They just say they have to send a technician out, and then the technician probably doesn't know anything, either. I've noticed that pattern with anything technology-related. Anytime you need help with technology, the "experts" don't know anything. I've learned that going to the sketchy people like hackers for just about any tech problem will get it solved with the smallest amount of hassles.

Other than that, nothing else really to report. Well, no, that's not true. I have been e-mailing back and forth with this woman from the online site my friend Nikki wanted me to try and meet someone from. It's weird, because she's not really the kind of person I'd expect to meet through online ads or dating services. And I guess she's queer, but she never really says anything about it...which is good, but I also think to myself, "Okay, is she really gay?" I wouldn't be surprised if that's one thing some gays have thought about me, as well. And when I say she doesn't seem like the kind of person, it's hard to go into without being more detailed than I want because not only do I try to protect my identity in this blog but I try to protect that of others. I guess I can say it's her profession, her intellect...and with "intellect," there are tons of intelligent people online, but I mean our e-mails are "intellectual," I guess. Nothing about dating or anything like that. They have more depth. And when you respond to ads, that's not really what two people do.

Another thing that has surprised me about her is she seems serious about meeting. She actually responded to an ad I posted, which wasn't really meant to be an ad, to be honest. It was more like my weird sense of humor, just making fun of people who post on that particular site because they're all so incredibly shallow and nitpicky. And I've noticed that about online dating ads in general, but this site is definitely the worst. People always put their little quirks out there in online ads anywhere, are really specific and then want to meet a really specific type and/or someone just like them...which I think is quite unrealistic. So that was the gist of my ad, and I emphasized that I was looking for friends, first and foremost, and then see what happens. Anyway, I got way more responses than I thought I would, and almost none of those people kept in touch. They dropped off, usually after one e-mail. But this woman has been sticking to it and trying to schedule a time to meet, and I think that's cool, even though I wasn't necessarily serious when I put the ad up.

One thing about her, which might be fine for a friend, is she is definitely one of those people whom I feel like I need to be "on" with. I wrote about this a little in other posts, but basically what that means is that when I'm around certain kinds of people I feel like I always need to be serious, mature and intelligent. Honestly, I don't like that, definitely not in a romantic interest...which we're not at that stage, so that's why I say it might be fine. And then I sense there's an age difference, and that makes it even worse because I feel like I need to be "on" with older people, as well. I guess that might be why, traditionally, my friends and associates have tended to be younger than I am. This is despite the fact that I grew up with everyone around me being older, and I think that's actually the reason why. I did mature faster than people my age, and I do think I'm more mature now than most people my age. But I just get tired of always being one way. And especially with my going into a career like law, I definitely want to leave the lawyer facade at work and be someone completely different when I am away from work. I just like to be goofy, say what comes to mind, crack jokes, etc.

Anyway, there's more I could report, but for privacy reasons I'm trying to save it for later on in the summer.