Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Black and GLBT Blogrolls

I have decided to make more of an effort to seek out black and GLBT blogs that 1) are different and interesting and 2) are not the same ole same ole. I notice that a lot of black and GLBT blogs link to the same blogs. Pam's House Blend, Jasmyne Cannick, Keith Boykin and The Republic of T show up often, at least among minority GLBTs. Blogs like blackprof, Rachel's Tavern, The Primary Contradiction, blac(k)ademic and Racialicious have been spotted on various "people of color" blogrolls. I am feeling uncomfortable in participating in what I view as a popularity contest and linking to blogs that serve similar purposes rather than offer something new. I'm not saying none of the blogs just listed do, and there are a few blogs I've found that I check daily and do like quite a bit. I would like to link to strong blogs that get less attention. I'm pretty picky, and I don't re-visit most blogs I check out. I do want the blogs to have my personal approval and be more like a list of blogs that I'm recommending. Many of the aforementioned blogs don't need my plugs. Therefore, I will probably be maintaining a small blogroll, but I will keep searching for blogs.

I'm writing this because I want to encourage others, particularly black and LGBT individuals (including individuals with identity intersections), to start writing blogs in which they discuss issues they think about and/or experience daily. Diverse voices are definitely missing and needed. I have definitely been disappointed so far by the blogosphere, for the most part. Everything does seem to be a popularity contest, does seem to be a "yes" party of politically correct ideas. I just read a post or two on another blog about how people who insult political correctness really just don't care about other people's feelings or are selfish. I just happen to feel that being PC blinds us. I don't always like what people have to say, but at least I walk away knowing, "hey, there are people who really are that ignorant." To me, it's scary to not know who hates you or not know certain ideas exist, and I think we can begin to resolve a lot of problems in America by just acknowledging they and the ideas that give rise to them exist.

But as a matter of fact, I just removed a link to a blog that I find a bit too silly to endorse, or to even read. As I've said, every blog has its place, but I don't have to link to every blog. So I get bothered by content, language, etc, and I might state my thoughts and move on. The blog will carry on with tons of readers who do like the blog. At the same time, I'm bothered by how there are certain "celebrity" blogs and bloggers who are made celebrities and become detached from most of us. So, no, I don't want to support the same ole same ole. I want you to write and not let others write (and, thus, speak) for you.

I'm looking for your blog!