Monday, April 9, 2007

Is This Really What Gays Want?

For some reason, I'm having trouble believing this. Well...maybe not the story in general so much as the idea implied in it, i.e. gay people want to mix with straight people and assimilate. Maybe I do. Maybe some do. Maybe just the ones in DC do. But the majority of gays? Because that's never really the impression I've gotten. I can believe being tired of gay and lesbian bars or of the few options available to them while watching straight people have so many options (in a lot of cities). Why else bring a whole gay clan with you to a straight bar? If the point was really assimilating, why not bring a few buds rather than start a whole coalition? Or does it really take a whole group to feel secure in not being attacked? I'm seriously asking these questions, because I'm clueless.

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